Experience the results you only dreamed of with bespoke hair and beauty coaching delivered to meet your specific needs

EVERY successful salon owner has to overcome numerous challenges, but NO salon owner has all of the answers, which is why you need to ask for help sometimes.

You may turn to your friends, family or team members can help, but do they have the expertise to really understand the issues your salon faces or see the bigger picture (not just the bits you’re telling them)?

A salon coach is an independent sounding board who will look at your business and your current issue with fresh eyes.  Coaching can benefit you at every stage of your salon business. It doesn’t tell exactly what to do, but it does help you to find the best possible solutions.

As a former owner of successful award-winning salons and an NLP accredited coach, I am perfectly positioned to ask you the right questions to help you discover the ideal answers for your business.

You will not get any off-the-shelf training or one-sized fits solutions, you will get an experienced mentor, who can make you look at things differently and help you to implement the right solutions to take your salon to the next level.

I don’t believe in coaching over the phone and I will always begin our working relationship with a visit to your salon (because how can I really understand what you do and how you do it if I don’t see it for myself).

To help you to boost your hair or beauty business, I work with you in three main ways:

One-to-one coaching

Face-to-face coaching is the very best way for you, the salon owner, to learn and grow.

After an initial full day’s consultation, you’ll receive a detailed action plan and final report telling you the steps you need to take to turn things around.

I’ll then hold your hand through the process to make the changes happen and bring out the best in your business

How it works

I use a three step-process to make the most of our time together and achieve the best possible results.

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire
    Created to get to know you and your salon as quickly as possible. Many salon owners have told me this is a real eye opener as it makes them look at their business differently and be honest about what is really going on.
  • Your salon visit
    Perfect for busy salon owners, I’ll come to you to begin our coaching. This visit always begins with a walk around your salon to discover what opportunities are available to you.
  • Your action plan
    You’ll receive a detailed report that reveals exactly what I discovered on my visit and shows you how you can make the changes to develop and grow the business or team.

The Business Club

It takes time to turn a functioning salon into a thriving salon. With a six month minimum-agreement, the Radiant Business Club is your commitment to making your salon the best it can be.

We’ll develop a plan that tackles your salon’s issues head on and then each month, you’ll receive one salon visit, two catch-up calls and a reflection week to generate the results you deserve.

Team Training Days

Your team may love going on creative training, now’s the time to show them that business isn’t boring and that developing their soft skills can have a much bigger impact on their careers.

All team training is delivered with accompanying workbooks so your team can take their learnings back to the salon.


The Radiant rate is £1000 per day. NHF members or Hair Council State Registered hairdressers receive a 20% discount.  Business Club members receive a special price to recognise their commitment to their business.

Many clients have told Radiant Hair and Beauty Consultancy that they have covered their initial investment in increased profits within weeks.

I’m proud to boast a 100% satisfaction rate for my one-to-one coaching. If you’d like to be added to my list of happy clients, please call 07768 383954 or email penny@radianthairconsultancy.com.