Client consultations

Often overlooked or undervalued, the client consultation is the most essential part of a hair service or appointment.

Follow this tried and tested advice to make your consultations work for you and your clients.

Three steps to the perfect consultation

I am passionate about consistently delivering fantastic client consultations – all too often hairdressers are blamed for poor hairdressing skills when the reality is the consultation was just not skilled enough.

I believe for a client consultation to truly work the hairdresser has to lead the consultation and manage, in the […]

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Wow your clients with an inspirational consultation service

Who knows where we are going with our consultation practice? Let’s start with an inspirational consultation service.

As a salon business coach, I hear many versions of hair consultations.  Frustratingly, even with the excellent training available to hairdressers in consultation delivery I still hear those that start with a “What are […]

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Consultation or Conversation

Making the right ‘fit ‘between lifestyle and hairstyle is always going to be a bit of a juggling act. It is down to the hairdresser to lead the consultation and manage in the kindest but most authorative way clients expectations. Often the consultation does end up being the […]

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