Running a salon

Salon business advice from funding advice when opening a salon to getting your pricing right.

These blog posts will help you with the fundamentals of running a hair salon.

Don’t wait for the door to close

I know the feeling. The knock at the office door. The “have you got a moment?“ question. The feeling of sickness, betrayal when one of your best employees tell you they are leaving. Because in a smaller business losing even one person is a big deal.

It’s a fact when one […]

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What to do when a client leaves your salon

Did you know that consumer surveys point to perceived employee indifference (not incompetence of product or service issues) as the number one reason why customers take their business elsewhere?

Recent stats reveal that 91% of dissatisfied customers will leave a business FOREVER without making a formal complaint!

But while consumers report that […]

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Planning for your salon’s success

Two key questions to ask yourself every day you walk into your salon:

  • Where do I want my company to be one year from now?
  • What do I want to achieve?

You will find that people who are consistently looking at building their business will challenge themselves on these two issues.

Here […]

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