Making the right ‘fit ‘between lifestyle and hairstyle is always going to be a bit of a juggling act. It is down to the hairdresser to lead the consultation and manage in the kindest but most authorative way clients expectations. Often the consultation does end up being the other way round which is when mis managed conceptions happen and all too often the Hairdresser is blamed for poor hairdressing skills when the reality was that the consultation was not skilled enough.

Finding out exactly how long someone is prepared to spend on their hair to style is a good indicator of suitable hair looks however, I always think that a cut which can combine a wave or more sophisticated blow-dry is always a good option for those clients that want the flexibility to be able to style their hair within their own time constraints. A layered, concave bob such as the shape Fearne Cotton is wearing at the moment will give the option of tousled chic for during the day while being able to have more refined wave for evenings out.

Although being around for donkey’s year’s Dry shampoo is having a renaissance and now accounts for a fifth of all shampoos sold in the UK. The combination of it being a ‘quick fix’ between washes and the fact that most present day dry shampoos contain volumising agents means that the versatility is there for all types of clients to be able to achieve great looking hair for a longer time. It’s also a fabulous tool to have in any ‘up do’ box, hair really does stay in place and you can lose that dreaded head freeze from too many Kirby grips as the hair can be manipulated into shape easier.

There is a wide choice of Dry Shampoos on the market. I think the best way to recommend to clients the right product to use is to try out a broad range on each other’s hair in the salon, that way you can speak from personal recommendation on the best dry shampoo for your client to buy.

After talking to my salons and asking about what current colour trends they are using lately the feedback I am getting is becoming a big blonde all over however using a subtle keyhole technique in a caramel, beige tone to offset any loud roots. Favoured blonde tones at the moment are summer corn and there seems to be a movement away from the real ash blond tones for this Summer.