Are there times you feel like drowning rather than swimming upstream in your Business?

When I owned my salons, there were times I felt like I was drowning. Drowning in my own frustrations of being unable to make significant improvement on my results when I needed to.

The fact is nothing really changes if nothing changes, and that was the biggest learning curve I could give myself. If you keep denying yourself the opportunity to take your salon business to the next level, then it will never happen. If you had an idea how to do it, then you would already be there and enjoying the enormous benefits and profits that having a successful business provides.

Stop feeling miserable, confused, frustrated and, most of all, alone!

When I talk to salon owners, I don’t judge, but help you see the gaps you have in your business and help you plug them up, for good.

Seeking help to advance your business is only an expense for the taxman’s benefit. For you it’s an investment, in you and your business.

Here are 3 reasons why you should stop procrastinating and take action.

  1. You cannot work alone forever

    Staff will form cliquey groups and make you feel like you are so alone. You owe it to yourself to have someone who can keep you on track, accountable and firing on all cylinders. Coaches are on your team, supporting you every step of the way. They pick you up when things are down and inspire you to take action and make things happen!

  2. It’s way too costly to keep making the same mistakes over and over again

    Not making important decisions can really be sabotaging your business, whether it’s not addressing staff issues, or needing to reallocate salon duties and responsibilities within your team to really achieve peak performance.

    Ignorance or complacency COSTS MONEY! Your bottom line suffers and too often you don’t even know that it’s happening and how much money is involved until you do an analysis of this year’s performance to last year and the figures are all too revealing. Some salons can be losing 50% of their revenue and not know or have been hiding from the truth!

  3. Wise Counsel

    Despite the fact you may had been in business for many years, you as a salon owner can’t know everything and being able to bounce ideas and issues off someone who has been in the game and experienced it all is second to none. Every successful entrepreneur has a coach, myself included. The wisdom and expertise of that person is invaluable, and has propelled my business and me to new levels I had never imagined.

I’m sure you know that it costs 5 times as much to secure a new client as it does to keep an existing one, and you know that the simple equation to success is maintaining your client base, increasing the spend per client and the number of rebookings or frequency of attendance.

Are you looking to find someone to share the challenges of running a salon with? Are you ready to invest in you? Contact Penny on 07768383954 or email to discover how you could benefit from coaching.