How could a salon business coach help us?

A salon business coach can benefit everyone from the salon owner and salon manager down to the youngest members of the team. Radiant Hair and Beauty Consultancy’s service is tailored to the individual salon’s needs, but could range from sharing innovative salon marketing ideas to team building strategies; or from learning the best ways to manage your staff to developing expressive ways to communicate with clients. A business coach could work with you for a single day’s training course or become a sounding board for you to work with in the long term. It’s all about helping you and your salon to be the best you can.

Our salon only has a limited budget. Can you help us?

We have a proven track record of increasing multiple revenues streams and improving profitability, which means our hair and beauty consultancy will soon pay for itself and continue to benefit you in the months and years ahead. We want to provide a service that can make a difference to all salons, no matter what size, so our rates are affordable and we promise there will never be any hidden extras.

We’ve had business consultancy before. What’s so different about Radiant Hair and BeautyConsultancy?

In a word ‘CREATIVITY’. It’s a creative industry and Radiant Hair and Beauty Consultancy believes the secret to success is thinking outside of the box. We have heaps of tried and tested processes and ideas to help make your existing clients fall in love with your salon and to attract new clients. We’ll also help you to think differently about what you do to come up with future ideas: it’s all about giving you back your Mo-Jo!

I have multiple salons with different needs. Can you help us?

Absolutely. Penny has first hand experience of working for and with a wide spectrum of salons, from small independents to groups and franchises. This enables her to fully understand the different needs of both large salon groups to smaller enterprises. Her incredible results across the board speak for themselves. Radiant Hair and Beauty Consultancy can get right into the heart of your business to really understand what is causing any underlying problems and help you to resolve the issues.

Our salon retail sales are really struggling. How can we turn it around?

Radiant Hair and Beauty Consultancy can help you put tried and tested strategies into place to boost your salon retail. We consistently achieve unbelievable results with the ‘Tell not Sell’ philosophy; while helping staff improve the way they interact with clients and introducing out strategic ‘AOA’ consultation policy will all help to improve your sales.

I do need help, but I don’t want a training course. Do you offer any other services?

Yes, we regularly see clients on a one-to-one basis and can create a personalised salon business coaching service based on your needs and the most effective ways for your salon to achieve your goals. Many salons have benefited from the Radiant Business Club with it’s ongoing support at cost effective rates.