Professionally delivered courses that change the way you look at the salon business

I’ve been hand-picked as one of the NHF’s approved course trainers and have extensive experience of delivering hair and beauty salon training tailored to your audience.

From full-day courses to bite-sized taster sessions, I give practical information delivered in an animated, energetic style that creates a buzz for the whole team.

Not only are all of our hair and beauty courses expertly delivered and packed full of gems of information that you can take back to your salon and create an immediate difference, you’ll also receive a professionally designed workshop-book to take back to the salon and continue your learning.

Tell Not Sell

The retail therapy course which won’t alienate your team or your customers. Proven results show that this system really does work.


This client optimisation process really has changed salons’ perception of organising client columns overnight. Extra profit for everyone 100% guaranteed.

We Are The Team

More than ever great business needs a great team. These team-building exercises will create a healthy culture. The end result is a salon of motivated, team players who are united in their desire to achieve success for each other and their company.

It’s In The End

An easy-to-use consultation process to ensure every client has been given the right information at the right time so they can make their informed decision. This process will maximise rebooking on the day.

Manage To Manage

How can we manage ourselves and in turn manage others? This complete programme will tackle the issues commonly faced by the salon owner or manager such as ‘staff room terrorism’ successful fulfilment of salon promotions and consistent development of the salon business.

Get Out There Marketing

How can we market our salon without breaking the budget? These are innovative out there marketing solutions to excite existing clients and attract new customers without using the dreaded discount.

As Easy As ABC

It’s not what we say it‘s how we say it. This fun and informative session draws on Penny’s background in dance and drama to teach how to get your message across in the best way.

Not sure which training course will help to solve the challenges your salon faces? Let’s talk it through. You can call Penny on 07768 383954 or email penny@radianthairconsultancy.com