penny business coaching sessionThere are really two main objections to a bespoke business coaching programme to overcome; finding the time and justifying the cost.

Well, crucial to the success of business coaching is the commitment of time, whether you have chosen one-to-one coaching sessions for yourself and or key members of team or more generic team training sessions.

In my opinion it is often a combination of both which has the most impact with in a company and you can only expect to get good result if every buys into committing their time to the process.

I do appreciate that for many of you out there, especially for those salon owners working full-time behind a chair, spending time away from what earns instant money can initially seem like a scary proposition but to truly grow your business, make it more profitable and ultimately more fulfilling for yourself the only way forward is to take time away from that chair and focus on the business itself.

What I would suggest is to schedule in a time each week for business planning in just the same way you would schedule in a client’s appointment. This practice is vital for focussing the mind, revaluating salon performance and the setting of action plans. Incorporating business planning into your working week at a set allocated time will ensure it doesn’t become wasted time.

Now, justifying the cost of training is often a bit more difficult, but the good news is that the Government has recognised that within the UK there are many companies who have the will and commitment to develop, but need a supported package to achieve their growth plans through assisted coaching and funding.

While up to 90% of start-up businesses currently fail it has been recognised that those businesses that do survive need to have the opportunity to access correct support through coaching and matched funding to be allowed to develop further.

The spirit of the Growth Accelerator Government scheme, which is part of the Business Growth Service, is essentially to give companies the opportunity to get ‘stuff’ done that they couldn’t otherwise afford. ‘Stuff’ being business coaching, business workshops, networking events and use of an on line diagnostic tool.

Here is some feedback from one happy user:

 “Being part of the Growth Accelerator programme has been a massive boost to my business. I am more confident in my decision making, have clear plans and finally have taken control over my business. I have now been able to recruit two more full-time members of staff and am looking to recruit more for 2015.” Dee Taylor, Perfection Hair, Yateley

All companies who apply for the Business Growth package are assigned a Business Growth Manager to them. These managers want to help companies, offer tons of support throughout the process and promise not much paperwork.

With 62% of small business owners saying that running their business is a “constant challenge, I believe finding out about business growth and how it could potentially work for your salon is an essential. As I have always said: “knowledge is power.”

Article written by Penny Etheridge for the Hair Council magazine