In-salon training programmes for a happier, more profitable salon!

Do you want your salon to function more efficiently and make more money? I’m an experienced hair and beauty salon business coach who uses tried and trusted, but creative, methods to help you to grow your salon.

I’ll listen to the issues that are holding you and your salon back and then help you apply the proven solutions that result in the happy profitable salon you dreamed of.

Who I work with

Many of the salons I work with are already established salons that are doing ok, but their savvy salon owners know that they could be doing SO much better.

The salon owner is passionate, but time poor and needs someone who knows the industry to listen to their concerns and then help them to implement the right strategies to move them forward.

I also work with salon owners who want to upgrade from a single salon to multiple salons, industry professionals who are in the process of opening their first salon and salon owners who are ready to take the last throw of the dice to stabilise then turnaround their struggling salon.

What we do together

Although many salon owners face similar struggles, every salon is slightly different and there is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you are being given one-sized fits all advice.

We’ll work together to identify your key issues, prioritise them and create the tactics to improve them. Issues we frequently resolve include:

  • Customer care
  • Planning your team’s training
  • Team building and staff retention
  • Boosting your retail
  • Column optimisation
  • Planning and delivering successful client events
  • Attracting and retaining your clients
  • Understanding your software
  • Managing and motivating your team

My services

After an initial telephone consultation to identify your needs, I work with you or your team to help you to grow your salon. I also work with industry organisations and brands to deliver inspiring courses and motivational presentations and platform work. Find out more:


Do you need help to make your salon more popular and more profitable? Penny offers salon consultancy to fit with your salon’s budget. Just call 07768 383954 or email penny@radianthairconsultancy.com to take the first steps to growing your salon.