So how do we keep that one step ahead, that wow factor we hear so much about in all aspects of the service industry? How can we keep being different?

I believe that there is a short shelf life to gimmicks and whilst times have been tough we must not forget that at the end of the day we are skilled tradespeople not circus acts, discount sites or bottom of the gene pool service providers.

I am passionate about delivering consistently high standards of Hairdressing skill and knowledge to the consumer with a complete identikit running alongside consisting of product knowledge, customer care and consultation expertise.

That all takes time and effort but the long term benefits completely outweigh any short, sharp discounts or tricks. History has always dictated that these gunshot tactics rarely work in building up a loyal fan base anyway and now the economy is finally turning itself around it is even more important to start thinking your business ‘outside of the box’ regarding marketing to your clients who in the main will not be so governed by price and really will want to start looking at Point of Difference with the businesses they choose to use.

One simple POD is to start creating your own style books to use as a consultation tool within the salon. These books will not only demonstrate your creative spirit as a company but allow your customers to see that you genuinely care and are prepared to take the time to produce your own style calling cards. The whole salon can be involved from Junior to Receptionist to Style Director and you can theme the books as you wish.

One range I have worked on for a salon mirrored their décor which is really theatrical so each book has a theme,” Fringe Theatre” for of course Fringes !” Box Club” for Bob Shapes and a” Matinee to Movie Star” book to show day looks converted to easy to do evening styles. Clients love the quirky individual look to each of these and it’s a powerful way of proving you are not an off the shelf but a truly individual business, I would recommend that you change around about three to our times a year. Perhaps an Oscar theme for one, Festival inspired for another. Involving the whole salon and also getting your clients included in what they would like to be looking at is one way of bonding your clients to your team and you’ve got it your business. Start creating that fan base from simple creative ideas!