servicesSo you want to open your own hair salon Why?

I believe spending time answering that question is crucial. The truth of the matter could be that it is not your own salon that you want, but rather a growing need to develop your own skills or a desire to have more independence in decision-making than you currently have in your present role.

Sometimes the reality is that what you want to achieve can be achieved within your present working environment and it is effectively a breakdown of communication between you and the salon owner (on either or both parts) that makes you believe that opening your own hair salon is the only way forward to achieve those goals.

If after answering the question ‘why?’ you feel 100% sure you are making the right decision to open your own place then great go for it! After all it’s exactly what I did at the age of 27! To help you, I have broken down the key elements to opening and running your own salon.

  1. Vision

    Get your vision down on paper and remember to share this with everyone all the time.

  2. Goal Setting

    Set yourself, your team and your company targets.

  3. Business Plan

    This is crucial so enlist professional help. Shop about for prices, but £100 should be the absolute minimum cost.

  4. Funding

    Don’t only source banks but also Government Start up Schemes and Business incentive programmes.

  5. Location

    Choose wisely. Make sure the rent/rates will not kill any profit. Never put love over practicality when choosing a property otherwise it will cost you. Always make sure transport, parking facilities are easily accessible. DO NOT start your new Hair Salon on an out of town Retail Park those locations are for established business only.

  6. Team

    Be selective. Is everyone on board with the company vision? You can’t afford weak links.

  7. Clients

    Make sure your company understands the main client base and apply company policy accordingly through appropriate décor, music policy, dress code, imagery. Never alienate your clients from your personal vision. Clients pay your bills.

  8. Marketing

    You need to be doing this all the time! Update Social Media platforms daily. Get to know your local journalists and keep giving them great news about your salon. Be proactive. A costly advert will be less effective than a constant drip of news fed to your audience.

  9. Consumer Events

    Do these until they are coming out of your ears! It’s exactly what I did with my salons and proven to be the most impactful (done properly) form of targeted marketing you can possibly do. Remember word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing!