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So how many of you out there have come to the conclusion that your business has clearly survived the recession? Then how many of you have then asked yourself: “so, now what?”

Because we all know, or at least should know, that to stand still for too long in business effectively starts to take us backwards.

Well, with the help of a qualified business coach and a fantastic scheme available to help fund the training available through the Government called Growth Accelerator, you can benefit from subsidised expert advice and guidance to help grow your business.

So what’s the catch?

Well, I have to say as someone who is an accredited Growth Accelerator Coach and who has already assisted several hairdressing companies on this package, I can’t actually see one!

There is plenty of help out there to support you in making the right decisions and achieve your next stage of growth; by engaging with specialised business coaches and taking part in business courses. However, let’s be honest here, calling in on a one-off session with a coach or attending a two-day business workshop is not necessarily going to be enough to get to the heart of what’s really happening to your business.

Like all skill-based training, in business it is the consistency of training and the commitment from companies to maintain new knowledge and skills that ensure successful results. In my experience it is the companies that have engaged over a period of consultancy sessions who ultimately experience more success than those that adopt a more adhoc approach. This consistent approach works because it becomes easier to weave better business practice into the tapestry of a salon’s culture.

A more detailed bespoke coaching programme can pace itself to a company’s needs, therefore removing the often negatively perceived ‘sudden change’ to company practice. One of the frustrating things I found when running my salons is that whilst some team members recognise the need to alter some salon practice to ensure better productivity, they will nevertheless become resistant to that change. This is where a measured Coaching programme becomes really beneficial.

A bespoke business coaching service can recognise areas of resistance and carry on working towards reaching those same goals, albeit while adapting the programme so as to cause the least upset within a team.

Article written for the Hair Council magazine