All Salon owners recognise that growing your hair and beauty business means constantly improving your service, innovating and striving for the highest level of skill and professionalism.

Part of this is about being totally focused on the excellence of the day to day salon experience, but part of it is also about stretching yourself, about learning new things, building your team and recognition.

A great way to do this is through entering and (hopefully) winning competitions.

Here is why I think entering awards can be an important part in helping you and your business grow and improve.

1) Team Motivation

Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of all your employees. Just taking part (let alone winning) can boost team morale and improve motivation. I found after an award my team became more focused on what was great about our company and there as a clear sense of pride in being part of it. Taking part in awards and competitions can be a great team bonding experience as well as on the award night itself a great night out for everyone!

2) Understanding your Business

If you are entering a business award just filling out the application form will often force you to step back and think about what’s good (or bad) about your business. It can really open your eyes to what you have achieved and what you need to work on. In fact, I find the process of putting together an awards portfolio is often as beneficial as the final result. The complication of a Business awards portfolio is always a valuable tool to grow your business.

3) Attracting and Retaining Clients

Winning or becoming shortlisted for an award demonstrates you’re on the right track as a salon. It is, in effect, an independent thumb up of what your business is about. An award-winning salon is a sign of good quality, and will emphasise to a prospective client that this a s a salon they can trust for their hair and beauty needs.

4) Recruting New Talent

Winning awards, especially business awards, can show not only that you are the best in your field, but your salon or barber shop is a great place to work. This will, naturally, help you to attract and keep the talent you need. When I had my salons my staff retention was always high. People like to feel they are part of the best.

5) PR and Publicity

It is important to shout out about the competitions you enter. Make sure you maximise your PR exposure and update all your marketing materials with the award logo. This should include business cards, website and price lists; even include the awards logo on your company email. It’s fantastic to be recognised, so it’s important to make sure people know and understand what your business has achieved.


Entering awards takes commitment, hard work and determination however will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors.