Who knows where we are going with our consultation practice? Let’s start with an inspirational consultation service.

As a salon business coach, I hear many versions of hair consultations.  Frustratingly, even with the excellent training available to hairdressers in consultation delivery I still hear those that start with a “What are we doing today then?” or “Same as last time?“ Or maybe “Just a trim for now is it?

You know those intoxicating consultations that are filled with so much passion, vision and desire to give the client that WOW factor!😆

I also know, as a former Hairdresser, who has stood behind the chair for hundreds of hours, it’s tough to deliver a va-va-voom consultation to every single client.  However, the fact is we should and need to.  With latest statistics telling us that 71 % of our customers base their salon experience on the way we make them feel alarming current statistics have revealed that less than 2 clients in 10, when asked, thought they had been given a professional consultation during their salon visit.

This statistic makes me feel worried. I’m sure it’s hardly cheerful news for any salon owner who is busting themselves in getting new clients through their door either.

It’s time to upgrade the experience and retain clients with a professional consultation.

The Hairdressing Industry, is one of the most flourishing creative industries in the UK, but clearly, we need to look at how we currently deliver consultations.

We recognise hair consultation as key to delivering a great hairdressing experience however, it’s this area which gets overlooked when we look at developing our in-salon service offering. Instead we look at alternative treatments and added services which often need a significant financial input in products and training to implement into the salon. Sometimes, it must be said, with limited success.

My suggestion?

We keep talking about the WOW! factor so why not deliver that WOW right at the beginning of the service with the introduction of an Inspiration Consultation service into your salon. This service will ensure there is a fuse between great skills and great communication.

 Structure the Inspirational Consultation.

  • Set up 15-minute allocated appointment for the Inspiration Consultation service.
  • Price this appointment at £15.
  • If retail products are purchased on the day, allow £15 redemption on the cost of products.
  • Provide a year planner for each consultation client marking in all important anniversaries coupled with suggested services. It’s imperative to find out the calendar of events the client may already have in place for the year ahead within the consultation session . Weddings, milestone birthdays, holidays are key to you giving the right advice when advising on appropriate hair services. This is a real opportunity to ascertain your client’s thoughts, needs and motives for the entire year. By providing the relevant advice based on your client’s information the chances of retaining that client’s loyalty to you throughout the year become significantly increased.
  • Make sure all appropriate patch testing is delivered during consultation appointment.
  • Back up each appointment with a follow up Email
  • Record all clients using this service, focusing on Average Bill and Retail. (Should be high)

If all the above is delivered to a high standard here is what you will achieve.

  • Setting up a proper appointment ensure both client and Stylist respect the consultation as a proper service and not a ‘chat’.
  • Pricing at £15 will reinforce the consultation as a proper service, not just an added-on conversation. Value will be perceived as this becomes a paying service.
  • Inviting to purchase Retail at no extra cost draws customers into the culture of listening to their stylist’s product advice rather than switching off. This will give Stylists added confidence to talk and prescribe products to their clients.
  • Handing out an individual year planner will tailor the service to the client’s needs. This will consolidate customer retention and loyalty to the business.
  • Appropriate Health and Safety guidelines are upheld.
  • Emails close the service and maintain communication with the client.
  • Correct software monitoring of the consultation service will underpin the positive impact, including a consultation service on your menu is having on your business. Increased confidence from the team will lead to more focus on the consultation process in general, developing your salon client retention rates and average bill figures.

How to add an Inspirational Consultation

First Action

Organise a Team Meeting now to discuss and action ideas on implementing inspiration client consultation into the salon service menu.

Second Action

Ensure Inspirational consultation is added to your Service Menu.

Third Action

Organise a team meeting to review service a month after implementation. Reward and recognise peak performers with in the team. Identify people who are struggling with the new concept and link peak performers to mentor weaker team members up to better performance.

Fourth Action

Watch your salon turnover, average bill and client retention soar!